Quantity-2 Rental-$5 

The canvas aisle runner was taped down with clear tape and worked well with the wedding party traffic. An aisle to the extreme left and to the extreme right directed invitees to find their seats while not walking down the aisle runner. The chalkboard reads:

"<---Bride's side or 

Groom's side-->

The front or the rear,

Sit where you like,

We're so glad you're here!" 

To the right, this cupcake tower can go higher, with caution! 


​Rental-$20 each, ​Height-17"


Aluminum-Quantity-3 Rental-$3

Cake knife and server set-$5​ (Towle)

Each extra silver plated servers-$2

(3 extra)

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Canvas Aisle Runners...for purchase

Step out in style as you walk down that aisle...

Aisle runners (in canvas) just arrived! These medium weight canvas aisle runners are 25' x 43.5" or 50' x 43.5".  If you need one longer, we can special order it. An eggshell color, polyester/cotton blend, with a matte finish, and 15 millimeters thick, it awaits your creativity and your rose petals! You will step out in style as you walk down that aisle! Available for purchase. Craft with your handiwork or leave as it is.