Quantity-3 Rental-$3     Ht-7"

Paul Revere Bowls

Quantity-25    Rental-$3        Pyrex inserts-$1

As pictured to the left, beneath the tea pitcher.

Beveled glass mirror 13" diameter octagon shape

Quantity-25                              Rental-$3

Antique gold/brushed gold chargers for Centerpieces(as above) Quantity-35  Rental-$2

Silver plated, 12" round tray      Quantity-30        Rental-$3      Rental-$1.00

 ​Silver plated water and 

tea pitchers (40 of these!) for use as vases~Flat rate pricing when you reach $100 in this category.

Left~Water pitchers

Quantity-23        Rental-$10

Right~Tea pitchers  

Quantity-18   Rental-$10

We also have eight sets of silver plated sugar and creamers available. All of the above can be polished by RYE at no charge. Security deposit required. 

  8 sets of sugar and creamers available~$4 a set

Scroll down for more pictures of silver vases~~

      Quantity-1     Rental-$10    Height-11.75"

Table Numbers, Table Chalkboards, Mason Jars & Silver Plated Pitchers

These sturdy, double-sided, 6"x 8" chalkboards (below) for sale or rent at $2. They make great table numbers, and our in house calligraphy can easily be done with a signed contract. Attached to the bottom is the clip which makes it sturdy and freestanding. We can show you how that works. Twenty cedar pieces ($1), 9 heart stamped burlap squares, vintage linens for accents, chargers, and unlimited linen napkins.

 Tablescape Ideas...

Decorate at least TWENTY-FIVE tables (40 tables for some items) with of each of the following centerpieces pictured below. Milk glass(80 pieces), silver plated water & tea pitchers for vases(40), 10" shallow glass vessels(36), TONS of Mason Jars, 13" beveled mirrors, 12" silver plated round trays(30), brass(gold) planters, cedar rounds(19), and china. 

Budget wise option:

3/$1.00 & We have oodles of them! Blue glass beads, too! 

    Bud Vases-Green Quantity-24  Rental-$1.00 

Clear-Quantity-20 Rental 3/$1

Glass Vessels & Beveled Mirrors for rent at Rent Your Event~~

Great for Floating Flowers & Candles Quantity-36  Rental~$3

Quantity-4   Rental-$2   Ht-7.5"

Quantity-8  Rental-$3     Ht-9"

Rent Your Event, LLC           We help brides accessorize!TM          704-726-1027

To the left, the six freestanding, adjustable bases combine with the planters for an elegant look. These match the brass candelabras (15 candle and the two 7 candle candelabras) pictured elsewhere on the website. What would we do without our April azaleas? Fill these with a beautiful spray of flowers, or ferns,  for your ceremony, then have your friends quietly move them to the reception. 

Planters: Quantity-16     Rental-$5

Stands: Quantity-6     Rental-$5

Quantity-10  Rental-$2    Ht-9"

Shallow glass vessel     10" diameter w/8" opening

Quantity-36                                   Rental-$3

  Brass Planters         Quantity-16        Rental-$5

 ​Quantity-16             Rental-$2

Gold Table Numbers~as many as you need.Double sided 6"x 8" sturdy chalkboard. Numbers on both sides and  large enough to be seen from a distance. Guests will easily find their table. 

Quantity-Unlimited      Rental-$2

Quantity-50  Pint & Quart- 3/$1


 Classic, Classic, Classic....

Polished by RYE at no charge, or left tarnished.



Quantity-43 Rental-$2 Ht-9"

Tall Bud Vase

Goblets can be left tarnished or polished at no extra charge. 

Quantity-22        Rental-$2

​ ​Milk Glass Rentals at Rent Your Event~~~

Brushed Gold Chargers

Quantity-36                   Rental-$1

Sweet magnolias & sweet neighbors. As good as it gets... 

 Silver Plated Water & Tea Pitcher Rentals at RYE~Quantity-40  Rental-$10   *Security deposit required on these items*Vases can be polished@no extra charge or left tarnished. (Even though your grandmother would cringe.) Eight sets of sugar and creamers available. 

80 + pieces. See updated inventory numbers, pricing, and height below. ​

​Flat rate pricing begins when you reach $200 in rentals in this category. 

Stands-$5                    Planter-$5

6 Stands                      16 planters

Quantity-18 Rental-$2    Ht-6"

Small bud vase

 Brass is back...We have 16 of these vintage planters and 6 bases~~

Quantity-7   Rental-$10    Height-9.5"