Silver plated trays range in price between $3 and $10.....Think bundled pricing!

12" rounds (28 of these) are $3 each. Cream and sugar sets also available.

These can be left tarnished or RYE can polish them at no extra charge~which is really the proper way to present your silver plated accessories! 

~Calligraphy~ A sophisticated way to invite your guests to your event. Show your guests you are serious about your event and have put some thought in to it. If you are in our delivery area, we may be able to help with your envelopes, return envelopes, and place cards. We make an effort to adhere to proper etiquette in the addressing of your envelopes. Let's make Emily, Martha, and Miss Manners happy! Limitations apply. 

Quantity-1                                     Rental-$5

Quantity-4                  Rental-$10

 Rent Your Event, LLC                                                                                   704-726-1027

Silver plated               champagne bucket

Quantity-2                                Rental-$10

Quantity-20                Rental: $2

4 tier cupcake towers            

Quantity-2    Rental-$20 Each

Cake knife & two servers(Towle)-$5/set

Extra sets,including gold-$4

Rent Your Event, LLC           Calligraphy(scroll below)                    704-726-1027

Quantity-3                   Rental-$5

  Quantity-8                            Rental-$2

Quantity-37 vintage, silver plated,               water and tea pitchers.                   For use as vases.  Rental-$10

Quantity- 30          Rental-$3

Quantity-3              Rental $3

Silver plated 12""

Paul Revere Bowls-Quantity-25

Pyrex inserts included-Rental-$3-$7