19 cedar pieces measure 9" to 11" in diameter.  6 smaller pieces are 7"wide.


Birdcage rental-13.5" x 10"-Lid opens to retrieve cards. Rental-$10

Large punch bowl with base. 

Aluminum cake stand(1)     Rental-$5

Mason jars for flowers  

Quantity-46   Rental-$1.

Rent Your Event, LLC                                                                                  704-726-1027

For Table tops or cards...

Quantity-1                 Rental-$10

We love Cupcakes in Punch cups!

Quantity-225           Rental-3/$1.00

Just return unwashed to RYE~~we wash, so you can recover! 

Shepherd Hooks     Quantity-46 Rental-$1 

<To the left



To the left, these vintage water and tea pitchers work well as vases for your centerpieces. They can be polished at no extra charge. Many people like the tarnished look. However, all can be polished just like the ones on the Home tab. You plan; we polish.

Security deposit may be needed.

Punch Cups-Quantity-225   


​Silver platter-$10

Circa 1953 


Rental-$15 each



20" x 12"


Door opens

to retrieve cards.

Columns stand 30" tall & 11" diameter. Rental~2/$30

Silk peonies in containers~Rental~$5 Each

Metal Floral Buckets (Ivory)

Quantity-3   Rental~$5 Each

Hydrangeas priced individually

CUTE Pallets~37"x37"~Free w/$150 order


Painted candelabras stand 49" tall without candles.

Quantity-2               Rental-2/$25~LEDS included

Globe & Vintage Books-$10/set set                         

~~Last Minute Floral Decor Rentals at Rent Your Event~~

Columns stand 30" tall  and 11" in diameter 

​Rental-$15 each

Metal floral buckets-$5 each

Purple peonies please add $3 per bunch.

 Rustic Vintage Items...

Hammered aluminum trays(2) Rental-$5

Great for cakes w/ room to cut & serve~21"

Unique vintage easels in matching  brass color. Rental~$20 each

Windows      Quantity-2    Rental-2/$7

Candelabra  Quantity-2     Rental-$10

Lantern        Quantity-1     Rental-$5

Table            Quantity-1     Rental-$10

Chairs          Quantity-2     Rental-$5

Bench (below)                   Rental-$10

Urns with Ferns!

Quantity-2    Rental-$25 Each w/Ferns

Height~21" (without ferns~Rental-$20w/out ferns)

 Quantity-7              Rental-$1


Florist container-3     Rental-$5

Ivory color~see below