Two sided chalkboard easel

Writing area:22"x 18"

Stands 40"tall Rental-$15

~~Pat  & Jack

Giant 59" tall gold framed chalkboard for rent at Rent Your Event.

Writing area:​

19" x 15"



(gold w/red accnets)

Gold Table Numbers~As many as you need. Double sided sturdy chalkboard, 6" x 8" Numbers on both sides. Numbers are large so guests can navigate to their table, eliminating confusion. Available with a gold or black base.

Metal floral containers holding the sparklers are an eye catching set up for the Sparkler Send Off! Floral containers are ivory & rent for $5


Scroll down for larger picture.

Easel has intricate iron work. 


**Seating Chart reads: "Please find your seat and bon appetite!"

Writing area-

20" x 24"



Writing area

19"x  15"



Circa 1940's

Our new 59" TALL Chalkboard below has just been named "Claire."

She's is not an easy transport, so she can't go everywhere.(We wish she could!) Rental rate depends on where she is going. Our fast font calligraphy and hand lettering is free. Seating chart is extra. For height comparison, see the blank chalkboard against the door, with the window at the top.

 ~~~~More Chalkboards...Including Tabletop & Table Numbers~~~~

Table       top easels

Quantity-3   Rental-$4

One in GOLD

Writing area-

15" x 19"





**"Roz"-Chalkboard ​Rental~$40

Frame measures 38"x 58"

​Easel now in gold. Add $5 for acrylic signage

 Rent Your Event, LLC  "Economical elegance with ambiance"TM  704-726-1027

Frame w/Chalkboard-$20

Frame w/Acrylic sign-$25


​​​Writing area:

28" x 21" 

Rental-$30 w/Easel


​Circa 1940's

Gold giant chalkboard rental at Rent Your Event, LLC

Katarina-(right) Quantity-2

Rental-$10 Each with Dry erase on reverse side. Writing in picture can be removed. 

These stand 46" tall. Writing area: 21" x 22"

Writing area on both-11"x 14"~$10-Each

~~Sitting here, 

next to you, 

doing absolutely nothing,

means absolutely,

everything in the world

to me~~

Writing area:

17" x 15"


​~~Sugar Darlin'

Writing area:

19"  x 15"​




Writing area




59" TALL-This is the "Claire" Chalkboard. 47"x 59" Rental rate depends on destination, delivery, and duration. She's a TALL one!

Writing area-

19" x 23"





​Add $5 for acrylic signage

Scroll to bottom of page for pix of acrylic signage for these frames.

 20" x 24" chalkboard frame 

​Rental-$10 with above signage

The double sided 6"x8" chalkboards, pictured below, are about 1/8" in thickness and are also freestanding with a black or gold base.  (Much sturdier than those from the craft stores!) Rental~$2 



  Writing area






Rental-$20                       Rental-$20

"Katarina"-Quantity-$10 Each

Rental~$10 with easel-Table top set up

Easels stand approximately 59" tall, depending on the set up. These two vintage easels are one of a kind. THEY ARE NOW GOLD!

Writing area-

19" x 15"



~~Pee Wee


~~Acrylic Signage~~

for rent at Rent Your Event, LLC

Love doesn't make the world go 'round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

~Franklin P. Jones

***Rental-$20 Each**Add $5 for acrylic signage

Easels are now in GOLD

Writing area-

17"x 20"




The wacky names for the chalkboards are all names of women in my extended family. They may be a wacky aunt, a wonderful daughter, or a beloved neighbor. 

Chalkboard Rentals~Easel Rentals~Acrylic Sign Rentals~scroll to end

These are REAL chalkboards, not paint! This allows for a clean and smooth writing AND erasing surface for chalk, white marker, or gold marker. ASK about our FREE large fast font calligraphy or hand lettering, for a limited time.Seating charts incur a charge.  

***ACRYLIC SIGN RENTALS~SCROLL TO END***Denotes frames that can hold acrylic signs**

 Writing area





Beverly                           Sophie

Our larger frames can have acrylic inserted for the glass glass breakage! Add $5 for acrylic. 


Gold Frame w/acrylic-$40

​Right~Frame w/acrylic-$25.Frame w/chalkboard-$20


Rental~$10 with easel        Circa 1950's

~~~Scroll to the bottom for more chalkboards~~~

Large Acrylic Signage-$25

​On above frame with our fast font calligraphy


​One in GOLD