Above~Cake knife & servers~Towle Silver plated~$10

Below~Other sets-$5   Additional servers are $3

Also on the Catering tab.More than pictured here.

Mason Jars-Half Ga.,Qt, & Pt

​With Babies Breath~~

7 wood rounds  Rental-$10

59" TALL x 47" wide~"Claire" is tall and elegant!She makes a statement at your event. See Chalk It Up tab!

Birdcage~great for cards. Doors open for card removal.See the Country Vintage tab     


Rent Your Event loves an elegant transformation! TONS of pearls on spools currently in stock! 

**Frame w/Acrylic signage


Shepherd hooks(46) & jars(46)-$2 each

**Frame w/Acrylic signage


Gold frame acrylic signage for your wedding day.

Rent Your Event transformed this Charlotte home into an intimate conference center for an afternoon event. Consider RYE bringing the same experience to your group. Linens by First Impressions Linen. 

Rent Your Event, LLC rents gold flatware place settings for your event. ​See the GOLD FLATWARE RENTALS tab~Gold flatware rentals are rented along with other items in a flat rate/bundled package. Rental of only gold cake forks for the cake table is also an option, when rented along with items from another category. See below. 

14" tall x 7.5" wide. Carved wood. It seems you can't find a pretty cross when ya need it! Don't search hither, thither, and yon for a cross, as others have done, RENT, from Rent Your Event!

Catering Rentals

Please see more on the Catering tab

Right-8 qt.Stainless Chafer with inserts. Put your caterer's foil pans into these professional food service chafers. Your guests will never know! 

Quantity-5           Rental-$15

19" tall x 13" wide. Hangs great on any arch or altar.

**To the Left and to the Right~~

*Frames&Chalkboards are $20

*Frames&Acrylics are $25

Easels are NOW GOLD

FREE fast font calligraphy/hand lettering as pictured to the left in "Happy Bidding"(Seating charts incur charges.)

Rent Your Event provides wedding rentals to Olde Sycamore Golf Club in Mint Hill, NC. Rent Your Event provides wedding rentals to Pine Lake Country Club in Mint Hill, NC. Rent Your Event provides wedding rentals to Emerald Lake Golf Club in Matthews, NC. Rent Your Event provides wedding rentals to Emerald Lake Golf Club in Matthews, NC. Rent Your Event provides wedding rentals to The Reid House in Matthews. Rent Your Event provides wedding rentals to Francis Beatty Park in Matthews. Rent Your Event provides wedding rentals to Morningstar Lutheran Chapel in Matthews. Rent Your Event provides wedding rentals to Morningstar Lutheran in Mint Hill, NC. Rent Your Event provides wedding rentals to WR Davie park. Rent Your Event provides wedding rentals to South Charlotte Banquet Hall. Rent Your Event provides wedding rentals to Tuscan Ridge in Oakboro, NC. Rent Your Event provides wedding rentals to Rocky River Vineyards in Midland, NC. Rent Your Event provides wedding rentals to Cedarwood Country Club. 

Gold Chargers  Quantity-125   Rental-$0.75

Ready for set up on arrival. Upon completion of your event, simply stack in the bin RYE has provided.We do the washing. See the GOLD FLATWARE tab on the top row. 

Gold plated forks for the cake table at your shower or smaller event

GOLD Candelabra & kneeling benches.

56" tall  ​Rental-$20

Resin Urns-Height~21"

Rental-$20 Each with Silk Arrangements

31" tall x 21" wide. Gold. A hook on the back allows for easy hanging. It looks great on an easel, arch, or tree. 

Why beg, borrow, and steal?  RENT, from

Rent Your Event!TM  

Resin Urns-Height~21"

Rental-$20 Each with Silk Arrangements

Silver plated dessert stands

Quantity~3      Rental~3/$20


​59" tall    Rental-$20

Shallow floating flower, terrarium, or garden vessel.Great for succulents, too! 

Quantity-37     Rental-$3

TONS of the blue beads as shown

Rent Your Event, LLC rents 76 place settings of gold flatware. See the GOLD FLATWARE tab above. 

Gold Flatware rentals at Rent Your Event, LLC. Please see Gold Flatware Rentals tab. Security deposit needed. 100 place settings. 

Folding chair rentals,table rentals, bistro table rentals,cake table rentals,chalkboard rentals,easel rentals, candy buffet rentals, dessert bar rentals,pop corn bar rentals,gold flatware rentals,donut bar rentals,cake stand rentals,wedding cake table rentals,charger rentals,centerpiece rentals,8 quart chafer dish rentals,beverage dispenser rentals, beverage tub rentals,punch bowl rentals,silver plated tray rentals,punch cup rentals,wedding column rentals,milkglass rentals,vintage wedding rentals,rustic wedding rentals,silver tray rentals,silver vase rentals,pop up wedding rentals,micro wedding rentals

~Sarah Parrish,owner RYE

**Take 5 min. to peruse this catalog style website!It goes great with coffee and is best viewed when not on a mobile. All pictures are taken by Sarah. Designs, decor arrangements,creative artistry,floral artistry,chalkboard artistry are all created by Sarah. (With exception of the arbor swag above.) What may we create for you? 

Real chippy paint windows, circa 1953-1970

Rental~$5 each

Our 59" TALL GOLD FRAME & Chalkboard! We enjoyed participating in Claire's Army pancake breakfast at Philadelphia Presbyterian. Check out this great cause at clairesarmy.org

Chalkboard stands 59" TALL x 47" wide. (47"x59")

 ~~Bistro Tables~~

80+ pieces of Milk Glass

Upfront Pricing:

White folding chairs~$2

6 ft. rectangle table~$10

8 ft. rectangle table~$10-[2]

Bistro tables/tall cocktail~$10-[5]

4 ft.round cake table~$10-[1]

Beverage Dispensers~3gal-$15[4]

Beverage Tubs~$5-$20

Punch cups(225)~3/$1

Birdcages Rentals~$5-$10

Cake stands~$5-$25-glass/silver


Chafer Rentals(8qt)-$15 [5]

Chafer Rentals(4qt)-$10 [2]

Chalkboard Rentals~$2-$75[Tons]



Gold Flatware Rentals~TBD

Mason Jar Rental~3/$1.00[pt&qt]

Milk Glass Rentals~$2-$10

Cupcake Towers~Glass

Quantity~2   Rental~$20 each


**Gold framed chalkboard-$35-Frames that hold acrylic signs              Gold easel-$20

Silver goblets-Polished or tarnished

​Quantity-26  Rental-$2

Birdcage Rentals

​    $5             $10               $10                     $10                    $5​

RIGHT>>Gold Plant stands

& bases

Quantity-6 stands/16 planters

Rental-$5 Each stand or base

Stands can be used as tall centerpieces & use gold planters as accessories on other tables. 

**See the Chalkin It Up tab. This frame also holds an acrylic sign. 

Pewter candle/DONUT holders 

Quantity-2   Rental-$10/pair

Includes aluminum candlesticks

Candlesticks & rods are WASHABLE!

Ivory Floral Buckets

​Quantity~3 Rental~$5

Bisto/Cocktail tables-43" tall/30 in. wide Quantity-5    Rental-$10 

Great height for mingling OR the altar~Height allows guests to see Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony in action. Linens available  for these@ $10-$20

See "Candelabra"  tab for info on these gold candelabras. Rent all 3, WITH LEDs~$60

Indoor or Outdoor Use. Unity Candle also available in this style. 

Rent Your Event, LLC rents NINE sets of sugar and creamers for your rental needs. 

Quantity-18 of the sugar and creamers

International Silver Candelabra/

DONUT Holders!

Quantity-4  Rental-$10 Each 

Candelabras & rods are WASHABLE

26 silver goblets.Polished or tarnished. Your choice!

Left-FOOD SERVICE 3 GALLON Stainless and BPA free plastic.Eliminates constant refilling. Stainless base holds ice.

Quantity-4      Rental-$15

Silver vases~$10

Round silver trays-12"~$3

Chalkboard/Easels/Acrylic Signage tab

​**Denotes frames that hold chalkboard or acrylic signage. Above acrylic signage rents for $35

36 low glass vessels for floating candles,floating flowers,a succulent garden, or as pictured above.

Truly Vintage~and our form of social media:

YES! Kneeling Benches for rent at Rent Your Event-In Gold-$30/Pair

​White leather. Excellent Condition

24 Qt. Double wall Insulated Stainless Steel Beverage Tub~Elegant and Durable.

Quantity~2      Rental~$20

Beveled Mirrors              Rental-$3

MilkGlass-$2-$10(80+of above)

Silver plated pitchers/vases

    Quantity-40    Rental-$10

Carolina Bridal Fair

January 22, 2017

Why shop 'til you drop?

RENT, from 

Rent Your Event!TM

     Metal flower market buckets

         Rental-$5     Quantity-3

         Height-12.5"    Color: Ivory

Resin Urns-Height~21"

Rental-$20 Each with Silk Arrangements

~~Rent Your Event's Noteworthy Items~~

Please note: your rental items are reserved when a contract is signed and payment received. 

~NOW: Gold flatware rentals-100 place settings (Limitations apply, security deposit needed.RYE has to collect the gold flatware after the event.No rinsing by client or caterer.Put items in our gold bin.Easy!-Click Gold Flatware tab above.

~C.U.R.E.-Call Us Really Early in your planning process so that we may share some insights for your event. Great for the DIY'er and the budget minded. Need help brainstorming? We LOVE brainstorming, and it's always FREE at RYE! No kidding! We have an awesome list of budget vendors in our hip pocket~ready for referrals!

~Rent Your Event, LLC has curated an eclectic collection of elegant, vintage, and rustic rentals with the budget minded event in mind.

**ALL calligraphy chalkboards, set-ups pictured for events, dinner table set ups, centerpiece set ups, basically ALL pictures and items were set up and designed by Sarah, owner of RYE.

~Our catalog style website is best viewed when not on a mobile device. (Apologies)

~FREE:GREENERY- If you are DIY'ing, we have homegrown greenery available for your clipping! Come clip the day before your event. All free with a $100 order

~ LOCK IN YOUR RENTAL RATE. This locks in your price so that if items are available you can rent them at our agreed upon rental rate.A price decrease gets the lower price at the time of quote/contract.Locking in a rental rate does not form a contract and does not guarantee items will be available. Only a signed contract secures your items and date.

~On a case by case basis, a few items may be spray painted for you by RYE.

~Accessories currently available: TONS of blue beads. TONS of pearls on a spool, as seen in the table setting with the silver water pitchers on the silver tray. 

~Venue and Vendor Referrals-There are some great venues in the Mint Hill/Matthews/Midland area/Cabarrus Co., Union Co., and we can share that info. We have also visited venues far and wide, and can make other recommendations. Are you a local vendor or friendor? Please call us. It would be great to make an introduction. 

~CALLIGRAPHY~Fast font calligraphy at budget wise rates. See chalkboards for examples.

~MICROWEDDINGS RENTALS, Elopement Wedding Rentals, Pop up wedding rentals~We help with this budget friendly & less stress option.These are also referred to as a minimalist wedding, pop up wedding, elopement wedding, or a flash wedding. 

~Sarah Parrish,owner


SILVER EASELS!!~Look at the 4 glass knobs at the bottom of each one.

Quantity-3 identical    Height-55"

Wedding set up at Olde Sycamore Golf Club. 

FROU-FROU FOR YOU!-Vintage candy buffet rentals&candy bar rentals~Flat rate pricing.Rental set up includes: risers, scoops, linens, sign, & linen.More frou-frou candy jars than pictured.

 We do Vintage pretty well at Rent Your Event! 

​Consider the transformations below:

This is a 59" tall rental chalkboard ready for chalkboard calligraphy.

Thank you Christy at Mnemosyne Studio~Love your vintage furniture! Check out our antique, family heirloom broach on the bouquet. 

​​​Rent Your Event, LLC

"We help brides accessorize."TM                           704-726-1027

Right>>Gold Bird Cage holds cards. The lid lifts up to retrieve your cards. 

Height-14"  Diameter -10"

Rental-$10 We have two of these very similar in gold color if needed for large events.