Quantity~3  Rental~3/$25

Kid Friendly General Store Candy Bar Set-Up...Ask for a flat rate pricing quote. WARNING: This brings out the kids in adults.

International Silver Candelabra w/white aluminum rods as "candle sticks"

Quantity-4     Rental$10 Each w/3 rods 

Left, She's a Girl! And RYE has lots of pearls available for your table!

Right-Two tiered silver plated stands with bows on top are great for a baby girl shower OR birthday party!


Green (top row)-  1 gallon  7.5" tall/ 6" diameter lid opening-$6

Yellow, round (middle row)- .75 gal.  6" tall/ 5"-lid open-$5 w/lid

Lg., yellow, round (bottom row)-1 gal. 8" tall/6"lid opening-$3(no lid)

Dark Blue (bottom row)-1 gallon   8" tall/  4.5"lid opening-$3

 Dessert Bar Rentals...

Ordering Your Popcorn Bar Rentals at Rent Your Event, LLC

Availability-13                                           Rental-$3

Cupcakes in Punch Cups

3/$1    @230+ punch cups for rent

Below, see all items are PRE-WRAPPED for this candy bar set up! 

Ordering Your Candy Buffet...

Capacity and dimensions of containers are below. For ease of ordering,  we have stuffed the jars with colorful paper!

Security deposit may be required. We guesstimate that you can have a complete set-up, for about $150 to $325,

out the door, including candy. Let us know your budget, and we will come up with a plan for 

staying within those parameters with our wide selection of containers. 



Tons of cake plates

   With domes- Rental-$10

$10              $10                            $10

         3 of

     these tall

​       ones.

The Country Store Set-Up

Includes:12 metal scoops, risers, chalkboard & calligraphy, table, linen, and bags

A snazzy candy/dessert bar/donut bar/or popcorn bar set up becomes part of your event decor! Think showers, receptions, corporate events, princess parties, bat mitzvah, or bar mitzvah. THINK pre-wrapped candy and items! Choose between a candy counter (old fashion general store, larger jars, kid friendly),  frou-frou(T-blue to the left)old fashion candy dishes, or elegant & edible set up! Candy Buffet set-ups may include table, linens, risers, scoops, bags, calligraphy labels , ribbon, and a chalkboard with chalkboard art included. NEED THE SCOOP? Call us! We rent items at all price points! Here's our breakage policy: We know oops happens, so if you break something,we absorb that expense, and write it in the contract.  

Elegant crystal candy dish stands 7" tall~$5

Add the chalkboard -$15

                         11" Tall                7.5" Tall               8" Tall                 11" Tall

​                             $10                   $7                          $10                       $7

~~Candelabra Donut Towers~~

Yes, this really is a donut tower on a candelabra! Donuts are put on candle sticks (white coated aluminum rods). The rods and the candelabra can be washed for sanitary and clean up purposes. 

Light Blue (bottom row, to the far left & far right, this is the penny candy jar)-1 gallon, 8" tall/ 4"lid opening  Quantity-4-  Rental-$6

POPCORN, Get                                 your POPCORN! 

One gallon container holds 2.5 lbs. of candy.  Quantity-7    Rental-$3-no lid

​With lid, add $1 more. 




4 of these

$8            $5                      

$5             $8                        

    Rent Your Event, LLC                                                                             704-726-1027

​​A Word on the Candy Buffet...

Convey the same nostalgic feeling from your childhood to your party guests. We are full of ideas for presentation of the candy and dessert buffet. Most containers, jars, and dishes rent for $3-$10. Flat rate pricing can be applied. The fancy candy dishes are best when only adults will be present.  Wrapped candy is best. Let us know how you want to display your candy, and we will help you be your own candy stylist. We supply a chalkboard sign designating the specific time, near the end of your event, when the candy bar will open. "Candy Bar Opens at 8pm"

Pewter Candlesticks with white aluminum rods. 

Quantity-1 set   Rental-$10

...With Domes

Quantity-5            Rental-$10

​​ The Maxed-Out Country Store Set-Up

Includes two additional light blue penny jars, 12 metal scoops, risers, chalkboard, calligraphy, bags, table, and linen. Total number of this style containers: 25

The Fancy Schmancy Candy Buffet Set-Up

These are  elegant, large, gallon plus, containers. Heights are listed above. Add these to some of the Country Store 

Set-Up containers for an eye-catching, user friendly candy buffet display! INCLUDES Tables, linens, risers, scoops, calligraphy chalkboard, calligraphy labels, and bags. We are pretty sure you can have a nice candy bar for $250, including the candy! We do froufrou, too! Tell us your vision and we can help it come to fruition. 

Cup Cakes in Punch Cups!

No rinsing afterwards. Just put them in the bin which we supply...Easy!~~~Sturdy and kid tested for 50 years!~~~Punch Cups-Quantity-250+     Rental-3/$1.00       Silver tray rental (below)~$10

Four tiered glass cup cake tower. Quantity-2

Rental-$20 Each


Stainless Scoops~Quantity-15      Rental~$3

Get the full scoop on items you need from Rent Your Event...AND Check out the Munchees Popcorn info on the Contact, Vendor page. Their info is highlighted in yellow. Containers have easy access, wide area openings allowing guests of all ages to easily fill their bags. 

Punch bowls-Quantity-5  Rental-$5

Trifle Bowls-Quantity-3    Rental-$5

Candy Buffet Rentals, Candy Bar Rentals, Dessert Bar Rentals, Popcorn Bar Rentals, Donut Bar Rentals, and Cookie Bar Rentals at Rent Your Event, LLC in Mint Hill, NC. Be your own candy stylist, or allow RYE to style your cake table or candy bar. Budget wise, DIY, elegant and edible styling~it all starts right here...at Rent Your Event. YES, we make it kid (and adult) friendly at Rent Your Event, LLC.

Glass Cupcake



Quantity-2 Rental-$20 each

Quantity-16 of this froufrou style-Think flat rate pricing when you reach $75 in Candy Dishes!

The popcorn bar delivers a fun and economical option for your guests. Call for the SCOOP on a quote. Happy to provide Flat Rate Pricing on your popcorn bar. We recommend Munchees Popcorn on Monroe Road for bushel bags! We're just saying....


How many donuts for your donut bar?Twelve donuts fit on each candlestick (rod). We have 4 of the International Silver Candelabras, each with three candlesticks.Total donuts held for these silver candelabra would be 144 donuts. For the pewter candlesticks, each rod also holds 12 donuts. We have a pewter candelabra that holds 3 candlesticks (3 rods). Pewter donut display would therefore hold 60 donuts. These silver and pewter candelabras, and the rods, can be washed to provide the utmost in cleanliness for your guests! 


Keep the Cake Table Simple and Sweet. There is always value in keeping the cake table simple. Silver plated, vintage cake knives and servers available for rent. 

Cake Plates with Domes Keep the Dessert Bar Covered Until Serving Time... ALWAYS a good idea! 

Extra glass domes at a minimal charge keep your desserts (pies,cakes,cupcakes,cookies) until serving time! 

~ ~Prices & Descriptions~ ~