Vintage books for your centerpieces!

Circa 1880's   Inquire within!

Gold Chargers


​Arrive to you clean!Upon completion of the event, simply pack them up in bin provided by RYE. No cleaning for you! 

Catering Rentals at Rent Your Catering tab above.

This carved wooden cross sits nicely on your altar. 

Great vintage furniture, a great dress, sparkly shoes, and an antique broach from early 1900's. 

**Acrylic signage available in the Goldilocks frame.See Chalkboard tab. 

24 Qt. Stainless Beverage Tub~Elegance for your event!

Quantity-2       Rental-$25

Silver plated tea pot rentals in the Charlotte, NC area for your vintage tea party

TWO of these 24 qt. stainless beverage tubs.

Rental~$25 each


FIVE of these 8 quart chafers. $20 each. No washing upon return. No longer available. 

A sweet and simple cake table becomes elegant!

"Claire" 59" tall chalkboard-limited availability-call to discuss. 

Shepherd hooks can be placed in containers for placement on concrete. 

Quantity~30        Rental~$6-Hook, jar, and container

Moon Vases make a striking vignette.

Lisa outdid herself on this one! Beautiful!

A VINTAGE afternoon Cake & Punch Reception. Rent our vintage punch bowls, as seen on the Catering tab and punch cups! (Quantity 225   2/$1.00). Cake and Punch Receptions are making a come back! 

This 59" tall x 47" wide beauty of a chalkboard will make your event! This has RYE fast font calligraphy and hand lettering. Please inquire within! Rental rate depends on destination, duration, and if we can even get her to where she needs to go! 

Glass tiers


Price per


This cross measures 31.5" tall x 21" wide. The hook on the back allows for hanging or it can sit nicely on an easel. 

~~Mint Hill Vintage and Rustic Rentals~~


and Jack 

Candy Buffet Set-Up=Same containers, different configurations. See the Candy Buffet & Dessert Bar tab.

RIGHT>>FOUR of these 3 gal drink dispensers allow eliminate constant re-filling.



$5                 $10                  $15                  $10                      $5

22 of these vintage silver plated goblets. Rental-$3

Polished? Add $1 for the shine! 

 Double-sided chalkboard


We hope you are enjoying the Mint Hill Vintage and Rustic Rentals website! This biz is a sister company to Rent Your Event, LLC. We are a small, boutique firm, hence we have a limited delivery area and availability. This allows us to deliver excellent customer service to each event. Call or contact us:



~~Sarah Parrish​


~~Acrylic Signage~~

Gold Easel-$20

Gold Frame with Chalkboard-$30

Gold Frame with Acrylic-$35

Claire's Army fundraiser annually at Philadelphia

Silver is  so classic! Add elegance, sass, and class to your event with our large silver inventory! 

RYE transformed this home into an intimate conference setting. Consider Rent Your Event doing the same for you!

Right>>Four of these International Silver candelabras for use as Donut display or candles!Aluminum

​holders allow for washing for sanitary purposes.

<< Brainstorming is always free at RYE! If you are confused about how to pull off your event, are another vendor or future friendor, give us a shout! 704-726-1027 We love collaboration! 

Columns measure 30" tall, with a diameter of 11". Quantity-2    Rental-$25 Each  Planters now in white.

Chalkboard rentals, acrylic sign rentals,centerpiece rentals,easel rentals,milk glass rentals,candy buffet rentals,silver plated tea pitcher rentals,water pitcher rentals,gold flatware rentals,chaffing pan rentals,punch bowl rentals,white folding chair rentals,rectangle & bistro table rentals,linen rentals(limited),candelabra rentals,kneeling bench rentals,cake plate rentals,drink dispenser rentals,birdcage rentals,dessert bar rentals,donut bar rentals,brass centerpiece rentals,shepherd hook rentals,wedding decor rentals,vintage wedding rentals,rustic wedding rentals,vintage tea party rentals. Rent Your Event, LLC is our sister company.       

Gold Flatware Rentals at Rent Your Event, LLC~Place settings for 110+. Most come in place settings of 8-12. Limitations apply and security deposit needed. 

This iron, hammered brass cross measures 19"tall x 13" wide. It hangs nicely from an arbor with a chain. 

Tea pot rentals for ladies' teas in Charlotte, NC, Matthews, NC, Mint Hill

Right>>Milk Glass-150 plus pieces exactly like these. Packaged bundles with other rentals~call us.


mirrors for rent-$5

~~Ivory metal floral buckets~~

Quantity-3     Rental-$7 Each

A great accent to your event!

20 of these shallow terrarium glass vessels. Great for floating candles, flowers, or beads.-$5

13" octagon mirrors for rent-$5

Chalkboards....Why buy when you can rent for literally a fraction of the cost? Check out the "Chalkboard and Easels" tab to see all 18 chalkboards for rent. ***Denotes frames available with acrylic***

LEFT~40 Silverplated water and tea pitchers for

use as vases



​RYE can polish or leave them tarnished. See


Vintage punch bowl ~Rental~$40-The base can also be used as a cake stand, allowing ample room for cutting the  cake!

Click on Catering tab for more items. Ask about Flat Rate Pricing in this category when you reach $150 in rentals. 

Fast Font Calligraphy in this style or cursive script at reasonable prices. These are addressed the proper way~A transformation to make Emily Post and Miss Manners smile!

Chippy paint windows!~$10 each

Black Shepherd Hooks 



Glass jars with hooks



These stand 32" in height. 

Check out the Candy Buffet tab

To the Left and to the Right, please click on the "Chalkboards,

Easels, Acrylic Signage" Tab