Quantity-2 Rental 2/$20

After your ceremony, and with LED candles, the candelabras can be used at your reception. These add an elegant touch to a shower or a tea party, as well. 

15 Candle Brass-Rental-$25

  Table top Candelabras...

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To the left and right, these freestanding, seven candle, brass candelabras can be used inside or outside, weather permitting. 

For use with LED candles. Quantity-2      Rental-2/$25

Ask about flat rate pricing for candelabras, unity candle, kneeling benches, and planters!  

Quantity 1  Rental-$25 Free LEDS

Quantity-2    Rental-$5

Height-30" without candles

Quantity-1            Rental-$5

​Can be painted gold by RYE

Great Unity Candle for a large family

52" tall

Quantity-1                    Rental-$20

Great for a new blended family!

Quantity-2  Rental 2/$25 Free LEDS



Rental-$5 each

International Silver Co.

Ivory floor candelabras for rent at Rent Your Event, LLC

 The Unity Candle



 Rental-$30 for the pair

​Excellent Condition

OOOOPs, Don't tell the International Silver Co. that their fine silver is being used for a Donut Tower!


Rental w/Rods-$10 Each

Aluminum rods and candelabras are WASHABLE!

The kneeling benches and unity candle have traditional Christian significance. The kneeling bench signifies humility before God, and the unity candle shows Christ's light to the world and  the two

becoming one. Rent Your Event Candelabra inventory is as follows:

Two-White (ivory)-7 candle rustic/vintage candelabras

One-4 candle wrought iron candelabra (4 ft high)

One-3 candle brass unity candelabra

One-15 candle brass arch candelabra

Two-7 candle brass arch candelabras

Two brass candle lighters and snuffer

One brass candelabra-5 candle table top

Four silver candelabras-3 candle table top