Washtub for beverages-Huge

Quantity-1                   Rental-$5


Glass Cupcake Tower

​Quantity-2     Rental-$20

Can be disassembled to make 4-two tiered towers, plus two smaller stands. 

The Arlington Punch Bowl, a classic, is a great option for salads. Great for self catering of your own salad bar! Easy peasy!

Quantity-6    Rental-$5

Silver plated serving pieces varying in sizes and prices. Can be rented tarnished or polished.

Cake knife & server sets-$5 and $10

Extra silver plated servers-$2(5 extra)

~~Donut Bar~~

A Cool Donut Presentation!

A dozen glazed or chocolate fit on each rod. We have four of the International silver candelabra to the left, which will serve 144 donuts. These two candle sticks to the right, would add 24 donuts if you have a large guest list. Rods and candelabra are both WASHABLE!(Unlike a wall!) 

Left~Quantity 4w/rods-$10 each

Right~Quantity 5w/rods

230 punch cups available. More punch bowls than pictured (and less expensive)The base of these make great wedding cake stands when put                   on a pedestal. 

Silver Champagne buckets-(LEFT) Quantity-3 Rental-$10

Aluminum Champagne buckets-Quantity-4   Rental-$3 

Silver plated water pitchers & tea pots for Vases-Rental-$10  Quantity-38  Goblets-$2 Each  Quantity-22

<<Stainless Drink


3 GAL-eliminates constant re-filling



BPA Free Plastic w/room for ice in the stainless base 

^Silver plated trays for appetizers. 

Quantity-Tons    Rental~$3-$12

Above~STAINLESS BEVERAGE TUBS-24 qt. Add ice, great for drinks.

Quantity-2  Rental-$20

 Same punch bowl in both pictures........                 Base is 21.5" in diameter. ​   Rental-$40

9 qt Stainless Steel Chafer

Quantity-1     Rental-$15

   Quantity-4                                Rental-$10 


Sugar and creamers for your tea party. 

Nine sets   Rental-Flat rate pricing with other rentals. Polished or left tarnished~your choice.

8 qt Stainless Steel Chafer 

Quantity-4        Rental-$15                  

Silver plated 12" Round Trays for Servers OR for Centerpieces

Quantity-30  Rental-Priced in Bulk- Great for your tea party with tea pots and sugar and creamers!

Base is 19" in diameter. 

​Circa 1950's



Large, thick glass cake stand on a 12"pedestal

Diameter-19"  Rental-$30 for both

Large diameter allows ease in cake cutting.

TWO of these 24 qt beverage tub double wall insulation. Stainless steel, yet elegant.​ Quantity-2       Rental-$20

Aluminum serving trays measure about 21".Great for serving sheet cakes.

Quantity~3-varying sizes



 ~~Silver & Stainless~~

Towle silverplated cake knife & server~$10/set

Other sets~$5 per set

Extra servers~$3 each

4 qt. chafer   Quantity-2    Rental-$10

​​ Rent Your Event, LLC                                                                    704-726-1027

Silver plated dessert stands         Quantity-3               Rental-3/$20            Height-19.5

Catering Rentals at Rent Your Event...

Brush off the crumbs, return to us, and enjoy your event. We wash!The chafers below are great to use if your caterer delivers in foil pans. Put the foil pans in our stainless chafers. Who knew? Check out the huge stainless steel, elegant, beverage tubs below.

Cake knife & server (Towle)-$10/set

Extra silver plated servers-$2(5 extra)