Quantity-50  Pint & Quart


 Classic, Classic, Classic....

GOLD RIMMED glass vessels with fresh greenery. Quantity-20 Rental-$3

Silver plated, 12" round tray      Quantity-30        Rental-$3      Rental-$1.00

 ​Silver plated water and 

tea pitchers (40 of these!) for use as vases~Flat rate pricing when you reach $100 in this category.

Left~Water pitchers

Quantity-25        Rental-$10

Right~Tea pitchers  

Quantity-19   Rental-$10

We also have eight sets of silver plated sugar and creamers available. All of the above can be polished by RYE at no charge. Security deposit required. 

Quantity-11 Rental-$2    Ht-9"

Shallow glass vessel     10" diameter w/8" opening

Quantity-30                                   Rental-$3

  9 sets of sugar and creamers available~$10 a set

Scroll down for more pictures of silver vases~~

Table Numbers, Table Chalkboards, Mason Jars & Silver Plated Pitchers

Ask where this lavender came from...

Go ahead, ask!!!! 

These sturdy, double-sided, 6"x 8" chalkboards (below) for sale or rent at $2. They make great table numbers, and our in house calligraphy can easily be done with a signed contract. We can show you how that works. Eighteen cedar pieces ($1). We have tons of pint and quart Mason jars. T-o-n-s!!!

 Tablescape Ideas...

Decorate 25-40 tables with the following  centerpieces pictured below:Milk glass(100+ pieces), silver plated water & tea pitchers for vases(40), 10" shallow glass vessels(36), TONS of pint and quart Mason jars for rent, 13" beveled mirrors(25), 12" silver plated round trays(30), brass(gold) planters(16), cedar rounds(19), and Gold Castle china. 

Gold Table Numbers~as many as you need.Double sided 6"x 8" sturdy chalkboard. Numbers on both sides and  large enough to be seen from a distance. Guests will easily find their table. 

Quantity-Unlimited      Rental-$2

Glass Vessels & Beveled Mirrors for rent at Rent Your Event~~

Great for Floating Flowers, Floating Candles, & Terrariums ~Quantity-36  Rental~$3

Quantity-4   Rental-$3   Ht-7.5"

Quantity-10  Rental-$3     Ht-9"

To the left, the six freestanding, adjustable bases combine with the planters for an elegant look. These match the brass candelabras (15 candle and the two 7 candle candelabras) pictured elsewhere on the website. What would we do without our April azaleas? Fill these with a beautiful spray of flowers, or ferns,  for your ceremony, then have your friends quietly move them to the reception. 

Planters: Quantity-16     Rental-$5

Stands: Quantity-6     Rental-$5

      Quantity-1     Rental-$10        Height-11.75"

 Brass is back...We have 16 of these vintage planters and 6 bases~~

Quantity-4 Rental-$3     Ht-7"

Ladies tea rentals with these silver plated tea pitchers and water pitchers.

Antique gold/brushed gold chargers for Centerpieces(as above) Quantity-35  

Silver goblets with succulents.[Succulents are extra.]

Quantity~26      Rental~$5

Of course, these can be polished!

Rent Your Event, LLC           We help brides accessorize!TM          704-726-1027

110 PLUS pieces. See updated inventory numbers, pricing, and height below. ​

 ​Quantity-16             Rental-$2

Vintage books for rent!

Circa 1880's

  Brass Planters         Quantity-16        Rental-$5

​ ​Milk Glass Rentals at Rent Your Event~~~

Ask how we can help you give your guests the experience you are trying to achieve for your event! 

 Silver Plated Water & Tea Pitcher Rentals at RYE~Quantity-40  Rental-$10 *Security deposit required on these items*Nine sets of sugar and creamers available. 

Ladies tea rentals with these silver plated tea pitchers and water pitchers in the Charlotte, NC area.
Ladies tea rentals with these silver plated tea pitchers in the Charlotte, NC area.

    Bud Vases-Green Quantity-24  Rental-$1.00 

Clear-Quantity-20 Rental 3/$1

Goblets can be left tarnished or polished at no extra charge. 

Quantity-26        Rental-$5

GOLD FLATWARE RENTALS from Rent Your Event, LLC. Please see the Gold Flatware Tab. Rose gold chargers [Quantity-50]

Quantity-48 Rental-$3 Ht-9"

Tall Bud Vase

Paul Revere Bowls

Quantity-25    Rental-$5       Pyrex inserts-$1

Polished by RYE at no charge, or left tarnished.



Tea pitcher rentals for ladies' teas at your church in the Charlotte, NC area.

Quantity-8  Rental-$10    Height-9.5"

Stands-$5                    Planter-$5

6 Stands                      16 planters

Well, of course, we can polish these goblets for you!!

Quantity-26    Rental-$5

Silver plated tea pitchers and water pitchers for your ladies' tea

Quantity-21 Rental-$3    Ht-6"

Small bud vase